Skipper Dolls 1979 - 1984

Sun Lovin' Malibu Skipper

In 1979 – the Malibu Skipper’s name changed again, and the doll was now called Sun Lovin' Malibu Skipper. In Europe, "Spiel und Sport Malibu Skipper", "Au Soleil Malibu Skipper" and "Abbronzata Malibu Skipper" was also printed on the box. The stock number remained the same like the stock number of the Malibu Skipper dolls before: #1069 .


Her sun tanned skin with tan lines and her eyes distinguished her from the Malibu dolls before. The eyes were of a turquoise color and matched her new, turquoise two piece swimsuit, turquoise shoulder bag and lilac mirrored sunglasses.


Markings: © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines


This doll marked a new era of Skipper dolls with different head molds available simultaneously including a huge number of Malibu dolls – most of them sold in Europe only. 

Super Teen Skipper

The first doll ever with a head mold other than the vintage head mold was the 1979 Super Teen Skipper #2756.


 She had blonde hair with curly bangs and a smiling face. She was dressed in a pink bodysuit and purple shorts. Two more Skipper dolls with this head mold were produced: The “Western Skipper” #5092 in 1981 and the “Horse Lovin’ Skipper” #5029 in 1983.  


Body markings: © Mattel, Inc. 1978 © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines

Beach Fun/Acapulco Skipper - Europe

The Beach Fun Skipper or Acapulco Skipper #2682 from 1979 was the same doll like the 1978 Malibu Skipper doll “Spiel Mit Skipper”.


She was sold with a blue/yellow/red OSS and a yellow beach bag with Skipper writing and an orange star. The doll was available in Europe only.


Markings: © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines

Sports Star Skipper Championne/Les Etoiles du Sport Skipper/Sportstar Skipper - Europe

Another doll from 1979 which was released in Europe only, was dressed in an orange sports bodysuit, a white tennis skirt, white socks and tennis shoes. She came with a yellow tennis ball, a white tennis racquet and an orange cover with a Skipper writing and a blue star on it.


It was the Sports Star Skipper Championne #1335, named Les Etoiles Du Sport Skipper in France and Sportstar Skipper in Italy.


She was almost the same doll like the “Acapulco Skipper”, “Spiel Mit Skipper” and the 1978 “Malibu Skipper”, but with eyes in a slightly lighter blue shade, no suntan - and her head was a little softer.


 Markings: © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines







NRFB photograph courtesy of M. Strasser

Disco Skipper - Europe

The Disco Skipper #3209 from 1980 was also only available in Europe. She was almost the same doll like the “Jeans Skipper” #3902 (her eyebrows are slightly darker) and was dressed in a gold top with attached white short pants and a gold belt.


The doll wore yellow sun glasses and came with white platform sandals, which were fastened with a strap around her ankles (not the same shoes like Growing Up Skipper’s original shoes) and a small gold shoulder bag.


This doll is very hard to find.



Markings:   © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines



In 1980, up to 5 DM (approx. 2.50 Euro) were deducted from the price of the Disco Skipper if you traded in your old doll.

Box marked: 1979

Western Skipper

In 1981, the Western Skipper #5092 was released. She had the “Super Teen Skipper” #2756 head mold and long, blonde hair with two pigtails.


This doll was dressed in white pants, red cowboy shirt and white cowboy boots and came with a white cowboy hat and a lasso.


Body markings: © Mattel, Inc. 1978 © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines



Safari Skipper - Australia/Europe/Canada

The Safari Skipper #4979 from 1981 was another Malibu Skipper doll.


She had blonde, long hair and bangs and was sold wearing a Safari outfit with a gold belt. The doll was made in the Philippines and only available in Denmark and Australia.


A later issue of the doll was produced in 1983 and sold in Europe, Australia and Canada. 



This doll is hard to find.

Jeans Skipper - Europe

In 1982, the Jeans Skipper #3902 was sold as a European issue only (box dated 1981).


She had slightly lighter blue eyes (less shiny) and much lighter brown eyebrows than the Sunsational Malibu Skipper of the same year and the Sun Lovin' Malibu Skipper from 1979. Her hair was very long and ash blonde.


Jeans Skipper came in a red T-shirt, blue jeans and white unmarked hard tennis shoes. She is the hardest to find of all European 70s/80s Malibu dolls and the prettiest. NRFB dolls have been sold for around 300 US $. Body markings:   


© Mattel , Inc. 1967 Philippines



Sunsational Malibu Skipper

In 1982, the Sunsational Malibu Skipper #1069 was introduced. She was sold wearing a fuchsia swimsuit and matching sunglasses and came with a pink towel.


She looked like a Sun Lovin’ Malibu Skipper without tan lines.


Doll marking: © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines

Jogging Skipper - Europe

Another doll that was only available in Europe was the Jogging Skipper #3987 from 1982.


She was one of the prettiest 80s Skipper dolls and looked almost like the 1982 Sunsational Malibu Skipper. Jogging Skipper came dressed in purple shorts and a white tank top with yellow and blue accents and the number “101” printed on it. Her eyes seem to be a little lighter than the ones of the Sunsational Malibu Skipper and show more blue. They are less shiny. 


Markings: © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines

Super Dance Skipper - Europe

In 1983, the Super Dance Skipper #5840 was sold in Europe only. This doll was another Malibu Skipper. She was dressed in a lilac bodysuit and pink gaiters and came with white tennis shoes. The bodysuit was the same as  the bodysuit of the 1984 Great Shape Skipper dolls, except for the color.


There were several versions of the outfit, most boxes contained an extra headband in dark lilac, some contained a white belt that could be used as a headband also, and some dolls in Spain were sold with a lilac satin belt with an attached lilac flower (rare). 


Skipper was available in regular pink boxes or in special offer pink boxes (Spain). These special offer boxes and rare variations were produced by a company in Spain – Congost – in collaboration with Mattel. This company got the molds from Mattel, but the finish was made by Congost.


The dolls and fashion sold by Mattel/Congost differ from the regular issues. Different hair fibers, make-up and material for the fashions were used.



Marking: © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines


Above, there's a photograph of the regular issue Super Dance Skipper. Below: Comparison of "Mattel" Skipper and "Congost" Skipper / Super Dance Skipper "Congost" in her original packaging

Sun Gold Malibu Skipper

The Sun Gold Malibu Skipper #1069 was released in 1984.


This doll was the first of all Malibu Skipper dolls without bangs, and with a slightly bigger head. Her hair was braided.



She came in a one piece gold and turquoise swimsuit. The box contained three sunglasses in lilac, pink and green as well as a blue towel which could also be used as a bag.



Doll marking: © Mattel, Inc. 1967 Philippines