TNT Skipper Europe #8126 Dressed Box Doll

This Skipper isn't one of the prettiest, but definitely one of the rarest dolls I own.


She was sold wearing this (Best Buy) fashion - as a dressed doll on a blister cards (like the ones used for the #8519 Skippers sold in 1972).  The original owner of this doll (a German lady) remembered she was packaged like that when she got her.


These dolls were pieced together using left over body parts from the European TNT Skipper dolls #8519 in 1972 and body parts from the #8126 TNT Skippers which were sold in 1973 and 1974. Some or all of them came with hand painted faces, which indicates that Mattel used some production sample heads on these dolls.


The doll shown has the head of a first version Funtime Skipper/#8126 TNT Skipper Europe (with hand painted eyes), the torso and arms from the TNT Skipper #8519 and the legs of the TNT Skipper #8126.  More photographs will be added in the near future.