Ruby Red SL Skipper

This is the most unusual original Straight Leg Skipper doll I've ever seen. She has lots of very soft, long, ruby red hair and very long bangs. Her eye color looks slightly different from color of the regular Skippers, her lip paint is also slightly different. Her hair is not re-rooted.


She comes on an early Skipper body with the markings Skipper © 1963 Mattel, Inc.


She is most likely a Sample Skipper.


This doll was found in Germany. I've bought her from the original owner. The doll was stored in the attick of her parent's house, and was re-discovered when the parents died and the house had to be sold. Unfortunately, the original owner didn't remember any details about receiving this Skipper.


Following please find some more photographs of this doll. Enjoy!

These pictures show the differences in hair color, rooting pattern, and color of the scalp (Ruby Red Skipper compared to a regular Redhead/Titian Skipper).

Photograph below: Markings

More information on rare Vintage Skipper hair colors: