Japanese Living Skipper

This very special and extremely rare doll is a Living Skipper made in Japan. The regular Living Skipper dolls were made in Taiwan.


This Japanese Living Skipper was only available as part of the Sears Exclusive "Very Best Velvet Set" (you can find more information on this set by clicking on the button below).  Her body is slightly different from the regular Living Skipper's body. Her face seems to be made of the same material like the TNT Skipper dolls. There's a movable neck knob attached to the neck of the body, the head itself doesn't have a neck knob. Her hair is a little lighter than the hair of the regular Taiwan girls and made of a different fiber.


This doll is extremely hard to find, and almost impossible to find in a very good condition like the one pictured. Further below there's another one of my favourite girls: A mint Dramatic Living Skipper made in Japan.

Mint Japanese Dramatic New Living Skipper

I finally managed to find a mint Japanese Living Skipper, she's the prettiest girl you can imagine with unfaded head and in an unplayed with condition: