German/European Skipper (Brunette) #8519

German/European Skippers were only sold for one year and are rare. I've been lucky to find more than a dozen over the years, and they are very different from each other. Some have wider heads - some heads are more narrow, some have shorter hair, some come without a layered cut. 90 % of the German Skippers have legs of different lenghts. 


While brunette and blonde German Skippers are equally hard to find, it is almost impossible to find a "perfect" brunette doll. Most of them have a very hard facial expression. So it took me a long time to find the girl pictured here. She's the prettiest, sweetest of these brunettes.


Actually, there are lots of small variations to the faces of the European Skipper dolls. Some have very narrow or very round faces, some have a very luscious faces, some facial colors are rather pink, others more orange.


A wonderful doll - only recently removed from her box - is shown further below.

Brunette German Skipper NRFP/MINT

After many years I was lucky to find a blonde and a brunette German Skipper NRFP. I couldn't resist to unpack the brunette girl though, so I'm able to show this beauty in detail: