German/European Skipper (Blonde) #8519

German/European Skippers were only sold for one year and are rare. I've been lucky to find more than a dozen over the years, and they are very different from each other. Some have wider heads - some heads are more narrow, some have shorter hair, some come without a layered cut. 90 % of the German Skippers have legs of different lenghts. 


This blonde doll was my first one and she's my all time favorite. She has the prettiest face and the longest hair with layers I've seen on any of these girls.


The brunette doll pictured is the prettiest dark haired European Skipper I could find to this day.


German/European Skippers didn't come with a headband, but I think it looks perfect on them. The outfits they're wearing on the photographs are rare European 70s fashions.