Funtime Skooter

"You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince" - or in this case - princess. (This saying  does not originate in "Fifty Shades Of Grey" but derives from the German fairytale "The Frog King" from Brothers Grimm).


Indeed I had to buy several of these extremely rare dolls to find "my girl". When I got my first Funtime Skooter I was very excited at first, but then very disappointed, because she didn't look like what I expected when I got her. Her face was discolored, so was her hair, her make-up was partly gone .... I decided to sell her again and not buy another one. After a while, I thought I might try again, but made almost the same experience, plus, most of the girls were missing some hair, or the hair was very brittle and wooly. Then, after some more tries, I found this doll.


She is perfect and she's got the "special something". In the meantime, I found another one almost like her, so I'm very happy to own two very special and beautiful girls, which are almost impossible to find (even the nrfb dolls usually come with discolorations or wooly hair).