Emily's Girls

Special skipper dolls & clones/ competitors from my personal collection

Ruby Red Straight Leg Skipper

Sun Sun Skipper (Japanese Sun Set Malibu Skipper)

Pale Blonde/Platinum Sausage Curl Skipper

Japanese Living Skipper

Pale Blonde Living Skipper

Funtime Skooter

German/European Skipper (Blonde) #8519

German/European Skipper (Brunette) #8519

TNT Skipper Europe  #8126

TNT Skipper Europe #8519(/#8126) Transitional Doll

TNT Skipper Europe #8126 Dressed Box Doll

Titian Reissue Skipper

Brunette Reissue Skipper

Blonde Reissue Skipper


Some more of these special Skippers can be viewed on "A guide to vintage Skipper dolls - Vol 5":